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3D vision and robotic guidance success stories

3D Machine Vision Success Case Downloads

Bluewrist robotic automated 3D inspection customer success case studies and 3d machine vision system PPT are available for downloads in PDF format.


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3D Vision Inspection

Inline 3D Roof Weld Inspection

Inline weld quality inspection of automotive roof weld to detect common defects such as porosity, crack, spatter and burn-throughs.

bluewrist case study vehicle roof weld inspection

Cradle Dimensional Inline Inspection

100% inline robotic automated 3D inspection of suspension cradles using 3D structured light camera at a Tier-1 OEM plant.


Automotive Door Panel Inspection

Bluewrist 3D door panel inspection solution performs 100% inline inspection of multiple critical features on interior door panels.

3D Machine Vision System PPT

Seat Harness Electrical Connector Inspection

Inline inspection solution to check seat harness electrical connectors for complete insertion to eliminate downstream soft-set defects.


EV Battery Tray Inspection

Bluewrist 3D machine vision inspection solution is used to check hundreds of rivets and weld features on a high-performance EV battery tray.

bluewrist case study ev battery tray inspection

Nuclear Power Component Quality Control

Bluewrist SPCWorks software helps report and track over 800 data points for calandria tubes used in a nuclear reactor retrofit program.


Automated Burr Inspection with 3D Vision

Using 3D laser profile scanner to automate the manual process of burr inspection to ensure all parts delivered are burr-free for the end user.


Inline 3D Bead Adhesive Inspection

Inline inspection of adhesive beats to check for adequate volume, height and gap.


Dual Cradle Dimensional Inline Inspection

Flexible suspension cradle inspection solution that supports two different models of cradle.


100% Inline Inspection of Sealant Tapes

Learn how Bluewrist solution used 3D cameras and SPCWorks software to perform 100% inspections of weather sealant tapes as it is produced to ensure it is up to spec.


Copper Anode Plate Inspection

Bluewrist 3D Vision inspection solution checks the copper anode plate for imperfection before the electrorefining process to increase plant output.

Copper Inspection Case Study Cover


Robotic Depalletizing & Automated Material Handling

Learn how Bluewrist uses 3D vision and robots to automate the depalletizing of metal parts and position them accurately onto a moving conveyor system for heat treatment.


Axle Random Bin Picking

Random bin picking of vehicle axles from bin and loading onto a feeder system.


Robotic Windshield Loading

Automated windshield insertion solution with 3D vision powered robot guidance.


Robot Guidance Wheel Installation

Automated wheel installation solution utilizing 3D vision and robot guidance.

robotic guidance wheel installation

Bluewrist Solutions Brochure

Inline 3D Weld Inspection

3D weld inspection solution to detect for common defects such as burn through, spatter and porosity and to verify final weld quality.


Gap & Flush Inspection

Inline inspection solution to perform final dimensional check of gap and flush in vehicle body panels.


Random Bin Picking

Random bin picking solution using 3D machine vision to improve throughput and productivity.


Bluewrist Solutions Overview

Learn about Bluewrist robotics and 3D vision solutions in this overview brochure.

Bluewrist Trifold Brochurecrop

PreciScan3D Inspection Station

Fully integrated portable inline or near-line 3D vision solution to perform dimensional inspection on common manufactured parts.


Bluewrist in the News

Vision Systems Design – Robot Glue Application

Using 3D vision, Bluewrist improved the robot accuracy for automatic glue application a tray of different parts with multiple orientations.


Vision Systems Design – Robotic Windshield Insertion

Fully automated windshield insertion solution using 3D and industrial robot to improve plant safety and productivity.


Manufacturing Automation – Custom cell helps automaker perform cradle inspections

Bluewrist inline suspension cradle dimensional inspection solution for a Tier-1 supplier to perform 32 feature inspections in under 13 seconds.


Assembly Magazine – Auto Industry Drives New Vision Technology

Bluewrist 3D vision innovation in random bin picking solution is featured in this Assembly Magazine article.


Financial Post – Bluewrist using edge-based AI to power tomorrow’s manufacturing plants

Financial Post coverage of Bluewrist vision and robotics solutions for the smart factory.

financial-post-bluewrist-using-edge-based-ai-to-power-tomorrows-manufacturing-plants – Eye Spy The Basics of Robot Vision Systems coverage of Bluewrist vision solutions in 3D machine vision  system PPT.

Canadian Metalworking – Technology Spotlight Robot vision

Canadian Metalworking article on Bluewrist random bin picking solution for high volume metal fabricator.


Assembly Magazine – Random Bin Picking Comes of Age

Learn how random bin picking evolved from 2D to 3D vision which improved accuracy and reliability.