FlexiSight Dimensional Inspection

Enhance Precision Manufacturing with Flexisight 3D Dimensional Inspection

100% visual inspection and dimensional quality information


FlexiSight is an automated 3D measurement system offering 100% visual inspection and dimensional quality information of manufactured components. FlexiSight uses measurement sensors that can be stationary or mounted onto a robot end-effector and can be used in-line or off-line. FlexiSight technology allows manufacturers to achieve superior product quality and meet stringent industry standards. FlexiSight can be available in 3 different configurations:


  • Robot-mounted 3D cameras
  • Stationary cameras
  • Hybrid configuration

Bluewrist Robot Mounted 3D Camera
Bluewrist Stationary Cameras

FlexiSight 3D camera allows customers to compare produced parts to CAD as per the Geometric dimensioning and Tolerancing(GD&T) standards with utmost accuracy. By leveraging advanced imaging technology, it ensures precise measurement and minimizes errors in the data of the production process.

  • Defect prevention at the source, reduced process variation and improved quality
  • Monitoring and notifications of trends in the production process
  • Reduced downtime and increased throughput
  • Rapid deployment of root cause analysis verified by accurate data
  • Reduced overall manufacturing cost using real-time data
  • Automated 100% features inline inspection, not missing bad parts
  • Industry 4.0 ready with MQTT capabilities for real time quality
  • Fully integrated with the line PLCs and robots for alarming and decision making using our comXtream engine
  • Provides dimensional measurement and a variety of defect detection, not just presence check
  • Offers traceability and Statistical Process Control (SPC) for assembly quality analysis
  • Measurement of 3D and 2D features including holes, slots, surface, edges, studs, clips, gap and flush
  • Reporting interface with dimensional results, historical charts and process performance using our SPCWorks data management and reporting software
  • Centralized database (on-prem or cloud) allowing remote access and sharing data between systems
  • Plant-wide production data access for built quality monitoring and report generation.

Real-Time Data Reporting with SPCWorks

With SPCWorks, users can visualize real-time data reports and charts with up-to-date process capability and results statistics. It enables tracking the performance of production lines, making data-driven decisions, and identifying improvement areas. By presenting the information in a visually appealing format with graphs, SPCWorks is empowered to make the manufacturing process more efficient.

Bluewrist SPCWorks RealTime Reporting
Bluewrist Real time data SPCWorks
Bluewrist enhancing manufacturing efficiency data with SPCWorks
Bluewrist Tracking Production line performance with SPCWorks

Automated Correlation and Verification

FlexiSight includes a comprehensive data correlation solution. With bwCorrelator tool, customers can automatically import measurement results from a production sample as inspected by FlexiSight and the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) or other inspection devices. It compares the results, charts them and then calculates offsets, if necessary, as per user-defined thresholds. This further enhances the accuracy and reliability of the system to make it more precise.

Bluewrist SPCWorks Data Correlator
Bluewrist calibration artifact

Volumetric and Temperature Calibration for Precision manufacturing

FlexiSight includes KinOptim, a volumetric and temperature calibration module, to maintain the accuracy of the systems equipped with robots. KinOptim allows not only the identification of the robot geometric inaccuracies, but also the continuous identification of inaccuracies caused by temperature change and environmental factors and ensures consistent and reliable performance without any minor measurement defect.