With 3D Vision Automated Inspection System

3D vision

Reduce & Eliminate Weld Defects with Bluewrist

Trusted Automated Inspection Solution for Safety Critical Welds

Bluewrist 3D laser automated welding inspection solution is in use for the quality assurance of welds on high performance electric vehicle battery trays, truck frames and body-in-white roof brazing joints.


Our non-contact and non-destructive (NDT) automated welding inspection solution improves quality control process by eliminating manual weld inspection that are prone to inspector error and subjectivity. Achieve 100% accuracy and consistency in your fabrication process by comparing weld characteristics against a predetermined quality standards intended for use in each unique industry or application.

Still performing manual welding inspection?

Missed weld defects can lead to catastrophic failures and expensive recalls.

Products complex to simple often relies on weld to provide structural integrity. Ensuring good weld quality is critical for product safety and longevity and missed defects caused by weld inspector can have wide ranging consequences from life-changing injuries to steep legal repercussions. Eliminate these risks from your welding and manufacturing operations with 3D vision automated inspection.

Weld Burn Through

Weld Burn Through Defect Detection

Weld Spatter & Debris

Weld Spatter Inspection

Weld Porosity

Weld Porosity

Weld Crack

Weld Crack Inspection

Weld Undercut

Weld Undercut Inspection

Off Location Weld

Skipped Missing Weld Inspection

automated 3D weld Inspection powered by NIST certified algorithm and Deep learning

Bluewrist automated weld inspection system features industry leading vision cycle time with high inspection speed of up to 320 mm/second and a resolution of 0.1 mm.


Real-time weld dimensional data generated by the high resolution 3D vision sensor is analyzed for defects by our software that features NIST certified algorithm and deep learning. Our unique combination offers unmatched performance and repeatability for the most critical automated weld inspection tasks.

High Inspection Accuracy
Up to 0.1 mm


320 mm/second high speed inspection

Fast Weld Inspection Speed

Real-time Background

Vision Processing

Fast Inspection Cycle Time
Weld Rework Station

Take the Guesswork out of Rework

with Defect Visualization

When weld defect is detected, the part is automatically rejected from the production line for rework and analysis without operator intervention. The actual location of the defect is indicated on the part CAD model to aid in accurate and efficient rework.

Total Inspection and Full Traceability

All weld inspection data and images can be saved for future reporting, record keeping and review purposes as part of a comprehensive quality assurance program.

For traceability, information such as a unique number for each weld, part serial number and cycle time information are all recorded in the database.

bluewrist case study ev battery tray inspection
EV Battery Tray Inspection
bluewrist case study vehicle roof weld inspection
Roof Weld Defect Inspection

Field Proven Welding Inspection Solution in Use at Top OEMs

Bluewrist 3D weld inspection solution can help you achieve 100% inline inspection of all critical weld features to prevent downstream defects. Our solution is field proven and is currently in use at major OEMs performing inline inspection of roof seam welding and electric vehicle battery tray weld inspections. In addition, OEMs use our solution to check weld quality in the following areas:

  • Vehicle seat frame weld
  • Suspension cradle weld
  • Plastic weld quality in interior trims
  • Vehicle trailer hitch weld
  • Weld on vehicle body
  • Transmission parts weld

Download the case studies on the left to learn more about our customer success stories in weld inspection.

Predictive Analysis to Prevent Defects at the Source

By deploying the automated welding inspection solution for your manufacturing line, you will gain real-time insights into your welding process through our SPCWorks software. Predictive analytic, real-time trends and custom alarms will inform you of potential problems and enable you to avoid costly defects.

Bluewrist Automated Weld Inspection Line

Manual vs Automated Weld Inspection – The Choice is Clear!

Don’t leave welding inspection to chance.

Modern manufacturing joining process requires hundreds of weld features or centimeters of continuous weld to guarantee final product quality. Manual visual inspection using gauges is insufficient and greatly increases the risks of passing defective weld downstream. Undetected, these defects can lead to catastrophic product failures or expense product recalls.


Learn why it is important to upgrade your existing manual weld inspection to a fully automated inline solution from Bluewrist!


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