Customer Success Stories

At Bluewrist, we specialize in advanced vision robot guidance and 100% inline quality control with our flexible 3D machine vision systems and intelligent software. See our automation success cases below.

For over 15 years, we have been a recognized leader in the development and delivery of robotic and vision solutions that improve efficiency and product quality and reduce costs in the manufacturing process. Below are some of our customer success stories showing how companies have benefited from Bluewrist automation success cases.

inline electrical connector inspection
A Bluewrist Flexible Measurement System Performing 100% Inline Inspection of Automotive Seat Electrical Connector for Complete Insertion

Automotive Case Studies

3D Vision Automated Wheel Installation

Bluewrist engineers combined their expertise in 3D vision and robot guidance to automate the installation of wheels on a vehicle production line.

Automated Wheel Installation

3D Vision Inline Suspension Cradle Inspection

Bluewrist’s flexible measurement system can perform 100% inline inspection of engine cradles for deviation from the design spec and alert manufactures to issues.

inline engine cradle inspection

Vehicle Axle Random Bin Picking with 3D Vision

Using FlexiPick, our random bin picking solution, Bluewrist automated the bin picking of wheel axles to send them to the next stage in the manufacturing process.

Robot Bin Picking

100% Inline RTV Bead Inspection at Tier 1 Auto Manufacturer

Using a 3D camera mounted beside an adhesive applicator, this Bluewrist solution performs 100% inline inspections of beads for correct volume and gaps.

3d vision bead inspection

Automated Windshield Loading using 3D Vision and Robot Guidance

Using robots and 3D cameras, Bluewrist was able to automate the difficult task of windshield loading.

robotic windshield loading

3D Vision 100% Inline Inspection of Dual Engine Cradles

See how the Bluewrist flexible measurement system can inspect two types of suspension cradles in the production line, verifying 50 features in under 25 seconds.


Other Robotics & Vision Solutions

Robotic Depalletizing & Automated Material Handling

This solution uses 3D vision machine and robots to automate the depalletizing of metal parts and position them accurately onto a moving metal hook for heat treatment.


Nuclear Power Component Quality Control

In this critical project, the Bluewrist SPCWorks software helps report and track over 800 data points for calandria tubes used in a nuclear reactor retrofit program.


100% Inline Inspection of Sealant Tapes

See how Bluewrist used 3D cameras and our SPCWorks software to perform 100% inspections of weather sealant tapes as it is produced to ensure it is up to spec.

Sealant Tape Inspection

Automated Burr Inspection with 3D Vision

Using 3D laser profile scanner, our customer automated the manual process of burr inspection to ensure all parts delivered are burr-free for the end user.


Bluewrist Insights

Don’t Leave Weld Inspection to Chance

In this article, we explore the importance of ensuring weld quality and how weld defects lead to expensive recalls for manufacturers. It also shows that traditional weld inspection is insufficient for modern manufacturing and why 100% inline inspection can help reduce downstream defects and reworks.


3D Vs 2D Inspection

Learn about the evolution of 3D visions systems and how it has evolved to surpass the traditional 2D vision systems used in manufacturing quality control. See how 3D visions based quality control solution can help you overcome many of today’s challenging QA application that is not possible with 2D.


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