Reduce Defects and Risks
Improve Productivity and Profitability

with 3D machine vision automated inspection and robotic guidance

Dimensional Inspection

Automated 3D visual inspection system to verify manufactured parts against GD&T specifications.

Weld Defect Inspection

100% automated weld inspection and reporting of common defects such as spatter, burn-through, missing and skipped welds.

Electrical Connector Inspection

Automated wiring harness inspection solution eliminates electrical problems caused by improperly seated connectors.

Assembly Inspection

Automated inspection solution to ensure parts such as clips, screws or fasteners are correctly installed to eliminate assembly defects.

Fast Weld Inspection Speed
Up to 200mm/s
High Speed Inspection
Fast Inspection Cycle Time
Sub 2 seconds inspection processing time
HIgh accuracy automated inspection for defect prevention
0.1 mm
Inspection accuracy

Leave No Welds Unchecked with Automated Inspection

A skipped or imperfect weld such as porosity or cracks can lead to catastrophic consequences for the manufacturer and end users. Welding plays critical role at ensuring structural integrity and only 100% 3D machine vision automated inspection can guarantee defect-free result.


Bluewrist offers the most flexible 3D weld inspection solution with fast cycle time powered by the latest in machine learning and AI to reliably detect all common physical weld defects.

Software For the Next Generation Smart Factories

IIoT devices, sensors, PLCs, 3D vision cameras and robots are the essential hardware for many of Bluewrist’s award winning automated inspection solutions. Industrial software from Unblink3D is the operating system that transforms these hardware into a cutting edge solution for the smart factory.


Available for standalone licensing, Unblink3D software empowers system integrators and manufacturers anywhere in the world with easy-to-use robotic and 3D vision automation software to achieve the next level of productivity

3D Machine Vision

Decades of Customer Success Stories and Industry First

What does a manufacturer of high performance electric car, MRI machine and pressure tubes used in nuclear reactor have in common? They experienced success in improved quality control, defect detection and productivity boost with Bluewrist automated inspection and robotics automation solutions.


Our company is a recognized leader in the development and delivery of robotic and vision solutions that improves efficiency, product quality and cost reduction to the production process.

Bluewrist Robot and Vision Solutions

Unlock Value and Reduce Waste With Robotic Automation

Eliminate production bottlenecks with the implementation of 3D vision-based robotic guidance application. Automate repetitive and dangerous task with robotic process automation to eliminate potential human errors or injuries.


From the handling of delicate medical products to stamped metal parts for depalletization, Bluewrist has the experience to help with your automation journey to unlock value and improve productivity in your manufacturing operations.

Fast Inspection Time ScanXtream
100% Inspection
100% Inspection and Full Traceability
HIgh accuracy automated inspection for defect prevention
0.1 mm
Inspection accuracy


Quality control in manufacturing that relies on sampling or manual inspection risks passing on defective parts downstream, potentially compromising the safety of users and brand reputation. Overcome these risks with metrology-grade automated inspection solution from Bluewrist that is trusted by top manufacturers around the world.


With inspection accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and nearly unlimited flexibility in inspection field of view using robots or fixtures, Bluewrist has the field-proven solution to take your quality control to the next level.

Field Proven 3D Machine Vision Automated Inspection Systems for Quality Control in Manufacturing & Robotic Guidance Solutions Trusted by Top Manufacturers.

Bluewrist solutions are trusted by many manufacturers from different industries to help them reduce product defects, improve plant productivity and throughput all while keeping cost in check.


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