Robot Calibration

Ensures high volumetric accuracy and performance

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Rising Importance of Robot Calibration

KinOptim is a complete robot calibration solution fully integrated with comXtream .

As industrial robots are increasingly used in high precision applications such as welding, drilling, dispensing and guidance related assembly tasks, maintaining robot volumetric accuracy and drift are essential at ensuring final product quality and reliability in the production process.


Volumetric accuracy and repeatability is a measure of the robot’s ability to move to a specified location with minimal deviation or variance. Through calibration, both absolute and volumetric accuracy can be improved to enhance process stability.

robot calibration software
Many factors can affect the accuracy and performance of an industrial robot

Factors Affecting Robot Accuracy

High accuracy is the most difficult to maintain in an inline production environment as many factors such as temperature, joint friction, weight loading and manufacturing tolerances may cause the robot to deviate from its desired preprogrammed path. This can lead to potential product quality issues and increased costs associated with scrap parts.

Volumetric & Temperature Calibration
  • Minimizes variance caused by thermal expansion and contraction
  • Inspection temperature compensation
  • Continuous TCP calibration based on measurement results
  • Requires no certified artifacts
  • Uses many parameters, including robot D-H kinematic parameters, TCP, base and gravity effects
  • Significantly improves of robot accuracy in off-line programming
ISO 9283 Robot Performance Analysis
  • Full or partial tests to evaluate the static and dynamic characteristics of industrial robots using laser interferometry
  • Determines performance characteristics of industrial robots such as accuracy, repeatability, overshoot, stabilization time, speed, cornering, warm-up drift, etc.
  • Gains a better understanding of actual robot performance compared to specifications
  • Provides easy and reliable data collection from robot and measurement systems and provides automatic ISO reporting

Bluewrist KinOptim Robot Calibration Solution

KinOptim is a complete inline robot calibration software solution developed by Bluewrist to help improve and maintain robot accuracy in the production process. KinOptim automatically compensates for robot geometric parameters and updates them without user intervention. Our software also calculates and compensates for the robot user frame and tool frame as part of an automated robot monitoring and performance measurement suite.

Bluewrist_ISO9283 _Test_Result
Pre and post calibration result of a popular collaborative robot


  • Very easy to use and to recover
  • Doesn’t require a certified artifact
  • Offers process repeatability within 0.1mm
  • Uses many parameters including robot D-H kinematic links, TCP, base and gravity effects


  • Offline programming compensation
  • Volumetric accuracy for robot guidance
  • Inspection temperature compensation
  • Continuous TCP calibration

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