Bluewrist Financing

Flexible financing options to meet your needs

Bluewrist has partnered with Easylease Corp to help your company overcome budget constraints and finance for 3D vision to speed up the deployment of the latest automated inspection solutions to take quality control to the next level.

Leasing Options

  • Stretch Lease – Offers lowest monthly payments with numerous tax benefits, and is ideal for companies that want to take advantage of lower payments and may want a purchase option in the middle of the lease term.
  • Operating Lease – Ideal for short term equipment lease with the ability to deduct payments as an operating expense.
  • Capital Lease – Designed for companies who wish to acquire the equipment for long-term ownership at the end of the lease term.

Apply for Financing

Provide Credit Information:

Complete our Easylease credit application form online, if additional information is required you will be contacted by one of our leasing consultants. Click on the Apply Now button below to start the application process.


Easylease will process the application quickly and get back to you as soon as possible. Approvals can be issued on lease amounts of $30,000 and under within 15 minutes of your submission. For amounts over $30,000, it can take 24 hours or more to render a decision on your finance for 3d vision application.

Lease Execution

Upon approval, Easylease will e-mail, fax or courier your lease documents for signature. Upon receipt of an executable lease package, a purchase order will be issued so that the order is placed or released to you and the supplier paid within 24 hours.

Finance for 3D Vision