Robot Guidance

Six degree of freedom (6DoF) robot guidance solution

3D vision

EzRG is a generic six degree of freedom (6DoF) robot guidance solution using vision cameras and offering many configuration and user frame calculation strategies.

While a typical industrial robot can be customized to perform various repetitive functions with great degree of efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing process, automation solutions and vision systems can unlock additional capabilities beyond the existing limitations.


By combining 2D and 3D sensors, the same robot can be repurposed to perform many more complex tasks such as customized guidance, bin-picking, flexible inspection, 3D scanning. Each of this function can play a critical role in the manufacturing process to help achieve the goal improved efficiency, throughput and product quality.


  • Various user frame calculation methods (best-fit, 3-2-1 fixturing, formulas interpreter)
  • Unlimited number of custom user frames available for use
  • A user-friendly graphical interface allowing line users to modify offsets
  • Averaging and history of user frames sent to the robots
  • Provides an optimized solution using data from both the 3D CAD model and the actual part 3D measurements
  • Detects and if needed eliminates errors due to:
  • Part positioning
  • Local part defects and anomalies (flimsy parts, foundry parts, burrs, local defects, etc.)
  • Point cloud scanning noise
Robot Guidance


  • Reduces labor costs by automating material handling tasks
  • Eliminates costly fixtures and racks
  • Improves process quality and reduces manual programming time
  • Ensures a repeatable process even with parts having local defects
  • Alarms in case of a robot reach issue


Assembly and Material Handling Applications:

  • Door, hood, lift gate, roof and trunk lids insertion and installation
  • Glass insertion into the apertures (windshield, side windows, sunroof, etc.)
  • Racking and de-racking
  • Palletizing and de-palletizing
  • Seat installation

Machining Applications:

  • Deburring
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Riveting

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