About Us

Bluewrist offers innovative industrial automation solutions and products in the areas of robotics and machine vision. We strive to meet our customers’ expectations to increase their efficiency, improve their production quality and reduce their operating costs through our leading technology, high technical performance, solution validation in production environments, competitive pricing and highly effective customer support.

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Our Mission

Bluewrist’s mission is to be a world leader in intelligent automation systems by offering software and hardware products and solutions that are user-friendly, fast, reliable and easy to maintain.

Our Values and Objectives

Superior Service and Customer Satisfaction

Continue to provide superior service and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.


Commit to investing in research and development and product innovation.

Business Processes

Continue to review and evaluate core business processes and implement changes as required to improve quality, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Market Leader

With our state-of-the-art products and solutions, our objective is to be a world leader in intelligent automation systems.

Employee Growth and Empowerment

Recognize and develop talent from within and offer a friendly and interesting workplace to our employees.