Industrial Communications

Centralized management of robots, PLCs and sensors

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comXtream is an automation engine and  communication software application that links various industrial devices including robot controllers, sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and third-party software packages. comXtream includes tools to automatically trigger measurements, process measurement results, apply virtual fixturing, store and export data and communicate the results to PLCs.

comXtream is field-tested, hardware agnostic and is compatible with all major robot, PLC and 3D vision sensors in the market. This compatibility allows rapid and effective integration into new or existing manufacturing facilities with minimal delay or costly custom engineering work.


Hardware Agnostic comXtream Supported Devices

  • Bluewrist software field-tested and compatible with world’s major robots, sensors and PLCs.
  • Critical to integrate with customers’ preferred hardware, and their complex and expensive configurations.



  • Provides a unique user-friendly interface to PLC, vision systems and robot controllers
  • Offers user-customizable and managed logic to the PLC including a built-in ladder logic module
  • Supports multiple industrial communication protocols, including; Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, A-B Ethernet for PLC5/SLC500/MicroLogix, Modbus/TCP Master and OPC Data Access
  • Supports all leading robot manufacturers – Fanuc, KUKA, DENSO, ABB, Yaskawa Motoman, Universal Robot, Comau, Nachi, Kawasaki, Panasonic
  • Supports a variety of 3D and 2D machine vision sensors, including; LMI Gocator, Keyence, SICK, Cognex, Hexsight, FARO, Kinect, Wenglor, Halcon, ifm
  • Includes comprehensive reach and collision analysis modules to check the accessibility and clearance of the new robot path
  • Offers many user-friendly features including password protection, logging, automatic backup, cleanup and updates, etc.
  • Includes optional KinOptim robot calibration solution to compensate for temperature effects

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