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Bluewrist Automated Inspection Statistical Process Control

Trusted by Top Tier-1  Suppliers and OEMs

Field-proven and trusted by the world’s top manufacturers and OEMs, FlexiSight is an automated inspection system offering 100% inline quality control of all production parts such as suspension cradles, body in white, IP beams and more to ensure they meet GD&T tolerance and quality standards.


Millions of Parts & Billions of Features Inspected By Bluewrist
for Zero Downstream Defects

With hundreds of millions of parts inspected, Bluewrist production-proven  automated inspection solution is used around the world to help prevent downstream defects that may lead to costly reworks and recalls. The FlexiSight system enables the automated inspection of all parts from coming down the production line with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. Through 100% inline quality control, the stability of your manufacturing process is monitored in real time for zero defect manufacturing.

Surface defects

Surface Defect Inspection

Feature Presence


Gap & Flush


Dimensional Tolerance


High Resolution and Fast Cycle Time with Unlimited Flexibility

With industry leading vision cycle time processing and the flexibility to mix and match robots and 3D vision cameras based on project requirements, FlexiSight offers unmatched performance and repeatability for the most critical automated inspection tasks.

High Inspection Accuracy
Up to 0.1 mm

HIgh accuracy automated inspection for defect prevention

Fast ROI
Under 12 Months

Fast ROI with Bluewrist Inspection Solution

Under 1 Second
Per Feature

Fast Inspection Time ScanXtream
Single Camera Fixed Inspection
Flexible Inspection
Fixed Multi-camera Inspection
Multiple Robotic 3D Inspection

From One to Dozens of Cameras – We can meet any inspection needs

Powered by our custom-developed ScanXtream software, Bluewrist’s 3D vision inspection solution offers superior performance and scalability to meet any project requirements.


From an entry-level single camera fixed inspection and multiple-camera robotic inspections to covering large complex parts, we have the expertise to fulfill all of your inspection needs.

NIST Certified Software and Inspection Algorithm

Bluewrist ScanXtream software algorithm and methodology is NIST certified. This ensures that the inspection result is accurate and repeatable for critical manufacturing quality control needs.

ScanXtream software for 3D dimensional analysis
bluewrist case study ev battery tray inspection
EV Battery Tray Inspection
Suspension Cradle Inspection

Bluewrist Inline Inspection Success Stories

Bluewrist’s 100% inline automated inspection solution, powered by our ScanXtream software, can be found in factories around the world. Working 24/7, it inspects each part to ensure your customers benefit from the highest quality product.


Download the case studies on the left to learn more about our customer success stories.

Anything Less than 100% is a compromise


Don’t Leave Quality Control to Chance

If your quality control process relies on manual inspection (through sampling or physical measurements), you risk passing defective parts downstream or to the end customer. Using FlexiSight automated inspection solutions, it is easy to transform from manual to a fully automated 100% inline quality control process.

EV Battery Tray Inspection

Predictive Analysis to Prevent Defects at the Source

By deploying the FlexiSight automated inspection solution for your manufacturing line, you will gain real-time insights into your production process through our SPCWorks software. Predictive analytic, real-time trends and custom alarms will inform you of potential problems and enable you to avoid costly defects.

Benefits Include:

  • Prevent defects at the source– detects and reports deviations in dimensional variations and takes preventative action to minimize defects
  • Monitor and analyze trends in the production process– statistically analyzes dimensional data for all scanned parts and automatically notifies users of deviations from predetermined tolerances
  • Real-time quality data to improve traceabilityin-line or near-line deployment to gather real-time quality data for rapid decision making

Gain real-time manufacturing quality insights with SPCWorks from Bluewrist.

We Tackle the Toughest Inspection & Quality Control Challenges

Over the past 15 years, Bluewrist has tackled the most challenging 100% inline inspection projects for top manufacturers worldwide. Prior to implementing our solutions, many of our customers relied on manual visual inspections. Not only is this method insufficient, it greatly increases the risk of passing defective parts downstream. Undetected, these defects can lead to catastrophic product failures, safety issues, and/or expensive product recalls.


Suspension Cradle Inspection

Shock Tower Inspection

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