Metrology-Grade Robotic 3D Automated Inspection Solution from Bluewrist

Bluewrist is featured on Metrology. News highlighting our successful deployment metrology-grade robotic 3D automated inspection solution for cast shock tower.

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Article Highlight:

“What made this project unique and challenging was the customer’s need to performing 16-plus feature inspections in under 20 seconds to meet its high-volume cycle-time requirements.” Accomplished with metrology-grade robotic 3D automated inspection.

“A 100% inline solution is a prerequisite for this critical component and rules out traditional sampling-based quality control using a CMM, which may take more than 40 minutes of manual inspection. ”

“Off-the-shelf industrial robots typically have poor absolute accuracy, and the effect is further compounded by the changing ambient temperature of the manufacturing plant. Bluewrist’s KinOptim robot calibration toolbox addresses this issue using built-in volumetric and temperature calibration that continuously monitors the kinematic performance of the robot performing the 3D scan.”
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