Surface Inspection Market worth $5.3 billion by 2026

Bluewrist Automated Surface Inspection Quality Control

This article is related to the global surface inspection and quality control market. Bluewrist develops and deploys proven automated inspection solutions at the world’s leading OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers to reduce downstream defects.

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Article Highlight:

“The automotive sector increasingly relies on highly effective surface inspection systems to prevent defects at various stages of production. Surface inspection systems capture various material and production-induced defects.”

“Software drives the image acquisition, processing, and analysis functions. If the application is high-speed, requiring excellent image quality and generating a lot of image data, software with good processing power and memory capabilities is required.”

 “An automated visual inspection technology based on AI and deep learning is capable of defecting different types of objects and is easy to set up by integrators, manufacturers, and end users as well for the automation of inspection processes. Deep learning, an advanced technology based on AIs higher intelligence, allows for the rapid identification of defective parts and products that must be removed from the assembly.”
“ADLINK (Taiwan), Perceptron (US), STEMMER IMAGING (Germany), Radiant Vision Systems (US), Flyability (Switzerland), 4D Technology (US), Bluewrist (Canada), elunic (Germany), Integro Technologies (US), Intego (Germany), INB Vision (Germany), Nanonets (US), Alpha Techsys (India), SensoVision Systems (India), and Kevision Systems (India) are few startup and SMEs companies that cater the surface inspection market.”


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