3D point cloud processing


3D vision

ScanXtream is a user-friendly 3D point cloud processing and viewing software that is provided as a stand-alone application or bundled with comXtream.

Designed as an inline inspection software, ScanXtream is optimized for use in fast paced manufacturing environments and offers accurate, efficient and stable performance. Our software can effortlessly process large amount of high resolution data streamed from multiple 2D and 3D vision cameras in real-time to perform the inline 3D scanning and dimensional measurements of manufactured components against GD&T and CAD specifications.


  • Supports:
  • CAD files (IGES, STL, VRML, etc.)
  • Data streamed from comXtream
  • 3D point clouds from 3rd party software
  • Many Alignment Strategies:
  • 6 D.O.F. point cloud to CAD alignment (point cloud best-fit, feature-based N-Point best-fit, 3-2-1 alignment)
  • 6 D.O.F point cloud to point cloud alignment (point cloud stitching, reference point cloud alignment)
  • Exports :
  • Point clouds (DAT, XYZ, BIN, etc.)
  • Depth images (PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc.)
  • Generate CAD from point clouds (STL)
  • Data streamed to comXtream, API
  • Extracts:
  • Holes, Ellipse, Arc, Squares, Slots (x, y, z, i, j, k, D1, D2),
  • Spheres (x,y,z),Cylinders (x,y,z,i,j,k,D1,D2)
  • Planes (Flatness, i,j,k),Lines (i,j,k), Squardness (Angle)
  • Surface points, Corner, Edge (x, y, z)
  • Surface defects (Color map and Accept/Reject)
  • Studs (Accept/Reject)
  • Volumes
  • Beads (W, L, H, discontinuity, position)
  • Welds (W, L, H, Cracks, Undercut and overlap, Spatter, Porosity, Underfi­ll and overfi­ll, Welding debris)
  • Other Features
  • Ability to manage large files (store, organize, auto-delete)
  • Data saved into Microsoft SQL database


  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Quality assurance
Deviation from CAD model and defect detection
Part features and dimensional measurements
Feature Inspection

ScanXtream NIST Certification

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has completed a certification test to verify the algorithms used in our ScanXtream inline 3D point cloud processing software. This test validates the accuracy of the least-squares fitting features of ScanXtream used for the measuring and reporting common geometry types and dimensional features found in manufactured parts.


The least-square fitting methods of ScanXtream were tested on 210 data sets, representing geometry types such as lines, lines 2D, circle, circle 2D, planes, spheres and cylinders. The test procedures are documented in ASME B89.4.10-2000 and NISTIR 5686.


Manufacturers from different industries use ScanXtream to reduce downstream defects by performing real-time inline 3D scanning and dimensional measurements of manufactured components against GD&T and CAD specifications. With the NIST certification, customers have the added assurance that ScanXtream 3D scanning software delivers accurate and error-free results suitable for the most critical metrology applications.

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Bluewrist ScanXtream is NIST Certify 100% Inline 3D Inspection
Download the Bluewrist ScanXtream NIST Report