Data Management & Reporting

Inline real-time dimensional data analysis and reporting

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SPCWorks is an inline dimensional data control and reporting software application that can be used by production or quality team members to monitor and access the process stability to predict and prevent defects.


It is packaged as a stand-alone application or bundled with our automation software comXtream.


SPCWorks conveniently collects and reports dimensional data instantly from various measurement systems (CMMs, vision systems, etc.) and generates a variety of reports (executive summary, SPC overview, control charts, etc.)


  • Prevent defects at the source– detects and reports deviations in dimensional variations and takes preventative action to minimize defects
  • Monitor and analyze trends in the production process– statistically analyzes dimensional data for all scanned parts and automatically notifies users of deviations from predetermined tolerances
  • Real-time quality data to improve traceability– in-line or near-line deployment to gather real-time quality data for rapid decision making


  • A unique user-friendly interface including the reports gallery, a sample filter and a navigation menu
  • Comes in standalone and/or web-based packages
  • Very intuitive sample filter based on size, date range or search criterion
  • Report printing and exporting
  • Integrated data mining and pattern searching capabilities
  • Support of SQL server Enterprise, Standard and Express editions
  • Integrated SDK, allowing to write a user-customizable drivers for data collection, import and export
  • Support of Windows 7, 8 and 10 OS platforms

Report Gallery

  • Executive summary
  • Graphical overview
  • Tabular data overview
  • SPC overview
  • Pareto control charts
  • Xbar and R charts
  • Controls charts and Histograms

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