Fully Automated 3-Layer Surgical Mask Machine

Meet increasing demand with high-speed production


Fast ROI Through High Volume Full Automated Production


Up to 70 Masks Per Minute to Meet Increasing Demand


Optional 100% Vision Inspection for Defect-Free Masks


High Reliability, easy-to-deploy and low maintenance.


Meeting the increased demand for hospital-grade triple-layered face masks with high-speed production.



Bluewrist Mask Production Solution

A surgical mask manufacturer in Markham has started shipping the masks to various customers around the country, and one of their customers is the Humber River Hospital with an initial order of 200,000 pieces for their frontline staff.


The masks meets ASTM Level 2 Standards, which provide >98% bacterial and particle filtration efficiency at 0.1 micron and 120 mmHg fluid penetration resistance.


Buy Made-in-Ontario to Reduce Operational & Start-up Risks

Benefits of Bluewrist Mask Machine Bluewrist Mask Machine (BMM-01) Foreign Imported Machine Reasons to Buy Made-in-Ontario
CSA Certification (Required for legal operation in Canada) ✔️ Operating industrial machinery without CSA certification will result in fines and other liabilities
Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Certification ✔️ ESA certification is mandatory for industrial high-voltage machinery
High quality field-proven components from Canada, Europe and Asia ✔️ Ensures 24/7 reliable operation while meeting production speed
Setup and support from local engineering team with licensed professional engineers and electricians ✔️ Ensures your production machine can pass government safety audits and workplace inspection
Mask produced can meet ASTM Level 2 certification when using approved materials ✔️ When using approved material suppliers

Bluewrist Turn-key Surgical Mask Production Solution

As cities re-open following the COVID-19 pandemic, to reduce the risk of infections, control the spread, and increase the healthcare system’s capacity it is critical to wear face coverings (such as disposable surgical masks) in indoor settings and in cases where social distancing is not possible. To meet the growing domestic demands of safe and effective face coverings, we have developed the fully-automated production solution: Bluewrist BMM-01 for triple-layered hospital grade disposable surgical masks

Features & Advantages

  • Fully automated, one-person operation
  • Safe and easy operation, CSA/UL certified
  • Automatic alarm system
  • Ability to integrate with automatic packaging system

Machine Specifications

  • Machine Dimension: 4880 × 3320 × 2000 mm
  • Voltage: 220V-60 Hz
  • Assembled in Canada with local and global components from Europe, Asia and North America

See our mask production machine in action!


Easy to deploy, affordable, and fast ramp-up time

Based in Markham, Ontario, the Bluewrist automated mask production solution uses the best domestic and globally-sourced components. To meet urgent needs and provide technical support for fast ramp-up, our support and engineering team are all located in North America.

  • High Reliability and low maintenance
  • Modular design that can be expanded for even higher throughput
  • Delivered as pre-assembled unit for faster deployment
  • On-site support and tuning during onboarding

Domestic Manufacturing to Ensure Quality and Availability

Importing PPE from overseas suppliers gives rise to delays, shortages, quality issues, and supply chain risks. As cities safely re-open from the COVID-19 lockdown, the need for surgical masks will only increase and local manufacturing will ensure a reliable supply to meet the increased demand.

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For close to 15 years, Bluewrist has been a leader in developing innovative industrial automation, robotics, and 3D vision solutions for modern factories worldwide. Our automated mask production solution embodies the same level of engineering expertise and quality that you have come to rely on, trust, and expect from us.

The benefits of working with Bluewrist:

  • Experienced North-American Engineering TeamOur mechanical and field engineering team members are located in Canada and the United States to offer you excellent technical support during ramp-up and deployment of surgical masks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Customized to Domestic Requirements – Customized to Domestic Requirements: Our automated mask production solution is made from domestic and global components that can be highly customized for domestic requirements to meet local safety regulatory and health requirements.
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