3D Scanning & Dimensional Measurement

Harness the power and flexibility of multiple cameras or

robots for complex inline quality inspection

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FlexiSight is an automated dimensional measurement system offering 100% inline inspection of all manufactured parts to ensure it meets design tolerance and quality standards. Our solution help prevent downstream defects that may lead to costly rewords and recalls. FlexiSight uses 3D and 2D measurement sensors that can be stationary or mounted onto a robot end-effector and can be used in-line or off-line.


FlexiSight is designed to be easy to use with monitoring systems to alert line workers of production issues with an interactive user-interface which provides real-time process and statistical information. Features of FlexiSight include:

  • Measurement of 3D and 2D features including holes, slots, surface, edges, studs, clips, gap and flushness
  • The cameras can be stationary or mounted to a robot (typical speed: 2.2 seconds/feature)
  • Multiple cameras can be mounted stationary (typ. speed: < 1 second/feature)
  • Fully integrated with the line PLCs and robots for alarming and decision making using our comXtream process engine
  • Reporting interface with dimensional results, historical charts and process performance using our SPCWorks data management and reporting software
  • Centralized database allowing remote access and sharing data between systems
  • Complete robot calibration solution to maintain the system accuracy using KinOptim option
  • Plant-wide production data  access for built quality monitoring and report generation
Inline Engine Cradle Inspection and Quality Control with Stationary Mounted FlexiSight System.


FlexiSight offers numerous benefits to help improve quality and reduce costs. It allows for continuous inline inspection of parts with different configurations depending on the production line specifications. Benefits of FlexiSight include:

  • Reduced process variation and improved quality
  • Reduced downtime and increased throughput
  • Faster launch time, therefore shorter time to market
  • Rapid deployment of root cause analysis verified by accurate data
  • Reduced overall manufacturing cost using real-time data


FlexiSight serves a wide array of applications in various industries including:

  • Body in white, underbody, doors, hoods and decklids
  • Frames, suspension cradles and instrument panel beams
  • Gap and flush
  • Motor compartment width variation
Read about our FlexiSight dimensional inspection solution that supports the inspection of two models of suspension cradle.
Read about our FlexiSight suspension cradle inspection case study

Trusted by world’s leading OEMs and Tier-1 Suppliers

Our FlexiSight dimensional inspection solution is trusted by many of the world’s top Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs for their critical quality control process during manufacturing. Read about our success stories of customers successfully deploying the FlexiSight dimensional inspection solution to help them reduce downstream defects through 100% inline inspection of all critical features.

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