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Bluewrist offers innovative industrial automation solutions and products in the areas of robotics and machine vision. We strive to meet our customers' expectations to increase their efficiency, improve their production quality and reduce their operating costs through our leading technology, high technical performance, solution validation in production environments, competitive pricing and highly effective customer support. Read More...

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Bluewrist Named “Momentum Company of the Year” Finalist at the 2016 TechConnex Awards

Bluewrist Awarded the 2015 Business Excellence Award for Innovation

Bluewrist was Featured in Vision Systems Design

Bluewrist Displays Quality Control and Guidance Solutions at AMTS 2015

Bluewrist was Featured in the Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

Bluewrist Head Office Has Moved to a New Location


Dimensional Measurement


FlexiSight is an automated measurement system offering 100% visual inspection and dimensional quality information of manufactured components.

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Robot Guidance

EzRG Roof Load

EzRG is a generic six degree of freedom robot guidance solution using vision cameras and offering many configuration and user frame calculation strategies.

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3D Scanning

PreciScan3D ABB

PreciScan3D is an automated high-speed in-line 3D scanning dimensional inspection system that generates and processes point cloud of manufactured components.

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Bin Picking


FlexiPick is an advanced bin-picking system using 3D scanners and allowing a robot to pick up parts randomly inside a bin and present them to the assembly process.

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